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Invasion of England

Invasion of England

The story begins with Duke William of Normandy. After the defeat of Harold at the battle of Hastings on 14th October 1066, William marched with his army through southern England, pillaging as he went. Crossing the Thames at Wallingford, he reached Berkhamsted.

Here he was met by Archbishop Ealdred, the Bishops of Worcester and Hereford, Earls Eadwin and Morcar, and the chief men of London, who swore allegiance to him, and offered him the crown.William proceeded to London where he was crowned king on Christmas Day 1066.


Berkhamsted Castle Walk Map
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Berkhamsted Castle Walk



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  1. Ray Angell says:

    What a shame that this castle became a ruin. as it out shines a lot of castles in Wales, I understand a lot of the masonry was pilfered to build Berkamsted place. It is also a shame that Berkamsted has lost it’s proper title i.e. Great Berkhampstead. You could see this name in the water tower at the top of Kings Road. but you would have to climb to the top of the tower to see it, i.e.. The Great Berkhampstead water company. That is if the tower is still there.

    Kind Regards,


  2. This is a request for information :
    S.Hutchinson Harris died in Berkhamsted in Nov 27th 1949. I think he was a philosopher and art historian. Have you any more information about him.
    Thank you very much


    • Hi Francesc, Sydney Hutchinson Harris was born in Sydenham, Kent in 1864, the seventh child of Edward Harris and Margaret née West. Edward was Secretary of the Hudsons Bay Company and it appears his son followed in his footsteps; Sydney was a Fur Broker there in 1911. He was recorded as ‘Hudsons Bay Company Service Retired’ in the 1939 register and he died on 27 Nov 1949 at South Side, Potten End Green, Berkhamsted. Books on philosophy and art were written in the 1930s which would fit with the retirement of S. Hutchinson Harris. His probate record shows that he left £2632 14s 5d to his spinster daughter Marie Margaret Harris. Hope this helps, Linda Rollitt


  3. Francesc Fontbona says:

    Thank you very, very, very much!!


  4. A long shot, but does any of the current Staff of Berkhamstead Castle, recall the Army building a Bailey Bridge across the Moat for the 900 year Centenary Celebrations in 1966?

    I was one of the 30 + strong team of Royal Engineer Sappers who erected a 90 foot long Single span Bridge to carry the Horses and men across the Moat for the weekend’s celebrations. If anyone has any memories or even photos of the Bridge please answer through this message forum on Trip Advisor

    Thank you


  5. Can anyone tell me who was in charge of this castle in 1197, please?


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